Green Maritime fuel saving and CO2 reduction

Empowering vessel operators to optimize feul consumption and reduce CO2 emission

Our Goal for a Sustainable Maritime Future

Green Maritime goal is to substantionally contribute to a sustainable maritime future. To reach this goal, we deliver fuel saving technology, wich also realizes CO2 reduction, making maritime operations ecoconscious.

What we provide

Deliver seamless integration of our plug-and-play hardware onto vessels, ensuring minimal operational disruption. We guarantees smooth implementation, setting the stage for robust data collection. Sensor-generated data is securely transmitted to our advanced cloud infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Seamless Installation

Green Maritime's plug-and-play hardware is swiftly integrated onto vessels, requiring minimal disruption. We ensures smooth implementation, setting the foundation for data collection.

Data Gathering and Cloud Integration

Sensor-generated data is securely transmitted to the cloud, where it's aggregated and processed. The stored data always remains the property of the user. The data resides on extra secure servers and is only accessible for visualization in the application.

Dynamic visualization

The stored data is transformed, analyzed and visualized, providing maritime stakeholders with unique and meaningful insights. Our intuitive dashboards present real-time visualizations, enabling maritime stakeholders to make informed (management) decisions based on measured values.

"With the solution of Green Maritime our vessels saving fuel"

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