Green Maritime:
Integrated solution for fuel saving and CO2 reduction

Enabling vessel operators to optimize fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emission

At Green Maritime

We’re committed to fostering a more sustainable maritime industry, offering innovative software solutions to achieve this goal. A pivotal component of our toolkit is the MRV functionality.

What is MRV?

MRV stands for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification, referring to EU Regulation (EU) 2015/757, which mandates that all ships arriving at, departing from, or sailing within EU ports monitor and report their CO2 emissions.

How does it work?

With Green Maritime’s MRV functionality, ship owners and operators can easily collect, analyze, and report their emission data. Our advanced software seamlessly integrates with onboard systems and provides a user-friendly interface for managing emission data.

Key Features


Monitoring plan


Automated data collection


Annual reports


Reporting functionality


Verification support

Why choose green maritime?

An ecoconscious maritime sector

Green Maritime’s objective is to contribute to a sustainable maritime future. To reach this goal, we offer fuel saving technology that brings down the CO2 emission by fuel saving and voyage optimization – and this will also lower your operational costs.

What we provide

Deliver seamless integration of our plug-and-play hardware onto vessels, ensuring minimal operational disruption. We guarantees smooth implementation, setting the stage for robust data collection. Sensor-generated data is securely transmitted to our advanced cloud infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Solution installation

The data collection hardware is plug-and-play, ensuring minimal operational disruption. The application implementation is straight forward. When up-and-running, the sensor-generated data is automatically transmitted to our cloud infrastructure for data analytics.

Secure data processing

The data is securely stored in the cloud, where it's aggregated, analyzed and processed. Note that the user data is safely stored, and fully remains the property of the owner. The data is only accessible and for visualization, but can be used by the owner for other purposes.

Dynamic visualization

After the data analytics process, the output is sent to and presented on (mobile) user devices. Our intuitive dashboard consist of real-time, dynamical graphical visualizations, enabling maritime stakeholders to make (management) decisions based on actual values.

“Green Maritime's solution give me valuable insights, that allowed me to realize up to 5% fuel savings – and lower my CO2 footprint”

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